IT Security

Unauthorised access alone can not secure the information flowing through an organisation. To secure it, various parameters needs to be followed from Information & Technology perspective to Production Departments roles in order to protect the sensitive organisational data from getting modified, destructed or disrupted. Here at Roundabout Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we train organisations according to the level of requirement for Information Security depending on their platform. So, that these organisations remain compliant with the International Information Security guidelines of PCI-DSS v3 and ISO 27001 Standards.


Openstack is the Opensource Stacking solution for Cloud Computing, which provides a set of tools and softwares to build and manage a cloud. It is in latest trend as its providing the users to host their own public cloud free of cost and hence removing the dependency of hosting the Virtual Machines on costly hardwares. We train to install, configure and manage the clouds running on this platform along with the updation process.