Information Security (InfoSec)

In cyber space, security is a primary concern. So much so that businesses have collapsed because of unsecured IT infrastructure. Evident from multi-billion dollar organisations like Google, LinkedIn, Target, JPMorgan, Sony, Yahoo, Adobe, Marriott, etc loosing their data to such negligence. It is important to understand that security now defines the way you conduct business. The most important aspect of security is that there is no system which is fully secured forever. Given infinite time, a hacker will eventually find access to your secured server and then hijack it. Security today has become a continuous process in which threats and weaknesses have to be continuously reassessed. When you find a soft spot in your armour or an outsider trying to prick a needle, take preventive action immediately. We help customers to identify gaps in their network segment, websites and their digital assets. We also educate customers to mitigate those risks. Once endorsed by customers, we assess, identify risks and suggest corrective actions. As part of the Information Security we do end-to-end security audits and conduct penetration testing.

IT Security Services

Managed Services

Server Virtualization

Virtualization provides an organization the capacity to utilize its server’s resources to the fullest. This is done by creating an abstraction layer using a hypervisor solution to host virtual machines & there by securing any two-server’s environment from each other. Both Type-1 & Type-2 Hypervisor solutions are available with us along with full customization facility.

Infrastructure Services

A large number of services are offered by us for any type of Infrastructure in IT. We deal in providing central authentication & management using AD-DC services along with central monitoring of complete IT Infrastructure. Central Log collection & retention service, AAA service with central authentication & multi-factor authentication over network devices is also available with us.

High Availability Services

Downtime is the first unwanted thing, that an organization hates to witness. To keep this nightmare away reduce panic situations, we provide High Availability solutions for a range of applications varying from Web Server’s, Application’s, Physical Server’s to Network Devices and Database solutions. High Availability is also available for Server resource’s like Network Card.

Server Clustering

Cluster is a pool of any number of servers, which can be used to provide High Availability Computing, High Performance Computing, Load Balancing etc. Clustering provides the sharing of computational power between these singular entities. Due to scalability, all TIER certified Data-Centers uses server clustering. We provide clustering solutions as per the need of the customer.

Integrity Management

Integrity of the files and codes is a major concern for an enterprise. Any individual with malicious intents can edit the file and change the code or contents of the file, which can be harmful. We provide solutions which shows you the user details along with the file edited on dashboard in real time or shoots an e-mail with details or both along with data & log retention.

Leveraging Existing Infrastructure Services

The networking devices are becoming more task specific these days. The maximum resource utilization is done by relieving them from modules of DNS Filter, Administration, DHCP etc. These services are now being offered by the servers running in the infrastructure. To maximize visualization, certain features are managed from servers only.

Storage Services

The data which is a keen & crucial resource of any organizations is growing exponentially each year and has become a serious issue to backup & store it. Tape drives have always been a cost-effective solution for achieving data. We provide data backup & storage solutions along with replication, if needed through LTO Drives, NAS & SAN enterprise solutions.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention Services

Cyber security is the major concern these days. A number of individuals & organizations with malicious intents are using Bots, Honeypots, Brute Force Algorithms, DDoS Attacks to invade into the networks of organizations and hijack them. To detect such individuals and to prevent them, we deploy a number of tools depending on the type of enterprise.

Cloud Solutions

With the ubiquitously increasing demand for computing resources new paradigm have come into the picture. The researchers, academics, and industry are not the only ones demanding these resources but with the advent of ML, AI, Data Analytics, etc. every individual exposed to technology is demanding for more and more computing resources. We cater to these demands seamlessly with experience and expertise. Few such services are:


High-Performance Computing is required by the clients to perform exascale computing (Supercomputing) in the areas like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Immersive Computing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Space Exploration, Meteorology, Genetics etc. as the quantum of data to be processed in real-time is enormous. We deliver our clients with Hardware, Software, and Training. We specialize in both proprietary and open source products.

Open Stack

Openstack enables the hosting companies/data centers to administer, manage and sell their products/service on pay-as-you-use basis. The users can request resources, monitor and manage the usage from a unified dashboard. Organizations working as cloud service provider or intending to extend their business to cloud can opt for this solution. We provide a customized implementation of the openstack as per your business needs. The end-to-end solutions including IT infrastructure, support and maintenance is also available.