Information Security

Information Security (InfoSec)

In cyber space, security is a primary concern. So much so that businesses have collapsed because of unsecured IT infrastructure. Evident from multi-billion dollar organisations like Google, LinkedIn, Target, JPMorgan, Sony, Yahoo, Adobe, Marriott, etc loosing their data to such negligence. It is important to understand that security now defines the way you conduct business. The most important aspect of security is that there is no system which is fully secured forever. Given infinite time, a hacker will eventually find access to your secured server and then hijack it. Security today has become a continuous process in which threats and weaknesses have to be continuously reassessed. When you find a soft spot in your armour or an outsider trying to prick a needle, take preventive action immediately. We help customers to identify gaps in their network segment, websites and their digital assets. We also educate customers to mitigate those risks. Once endorsed by customers, we assess, identify risks and suggest corrective actions. As part of the Information Security we do end-to-end security audits and conduct penetration testing.