Cloud Solutions

With the ubiquitously increasing demand for computing resources new paradigm have come into the picture. The researchers, academics, and industry are not the only ones demanding these resources but with the advent of ML, AI, Data Analytics, etc. every individual exposed to technology is demanding for more and more computing resources. We cater to these demands seamlessly with experience and expertise. Few such services are:

High-Performance Computing is required by the clients to perform exascale computing (Supercomputing) in the areas like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Immersive Computing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Space Exploration, Meteorology, Genetics etc. as the quantum of data to be processed in real-time is enormous. We deliver our clients with Hardware, Software, and Training. We specialize in both proprietary and open source products.

Openstack enables the hosting companies/data centers to administer, manage and sell their products/service on pay-as-you-use basis. The users can request resources, monitor and manage the usage from a unified dashboard. Organizations working as cloud service provider or intending to extend their business to cloud can opt for this solution. We provide a customized implementation of the openstack as per your business needs. The end-to-end solutions including IT infrastructure, support and maintenance is also available.